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Worrying about the superficial issues of appropriate professional attire is a source of unnecessary stress, especially for young scientist. The “What should I wear?” question is asked in many labs around conference season, but the answer remains vague and often unhelpful, especially when it comes to female scientists, who cannot default to a simple “dress shirt + pants” formula.


In this project, we directly investigated what scientists wear at conferences and why. With the help of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology, CRI, WAX Science, and the conference organizers, we carried out our action at the Joint Congress on Evolutionary Biology which took place in Montpellier, France in August 2018. We gathered our data in a photo gallery as well as in a statistical report.


We hope that finding someone like them in our gallery will empower future PhD students, especially young and female, to remain themselves in the professional context, fight the stereotypes, and impose the culture of openness, respect, and diversity.